Aurora Ale & Lager Co.

Aurora Ale & Lager Co.

1891 State Route 90
Aurora, NY 13081

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What's Brewing?

We're brewing as much as our hectic schedules allow the time for.  We are dedicated to brewing every 2 weeks right now and hope to ramp that up as we get open and into the groove!  But here's an outline of what's available now, what's fermenting, and what's on deck:

Available Now:
The Ruckus v5.0 6.5%
Imperial Stout 8.5%
"Fat Pete" English Porter w/smoked local plums 5.5% alc
"The Ruckus" IPA v.4.1 fermented with brett (limited by the pint only release) 7.1% alc
"The Ruckus" IPA v.4.0 ​Fermented with Cali Ale & Farmhouse yeast ($18 for 64oz growler, $10 for 32oz) 7.1% alc
"The Half Nelson" Session IPA hopped w/50% Nelson Sauvin and 50% Centennial Hops (64oz)  4.5%alc
"The Farmacy" dry-hopped American Saison with brett $(16 for 64oz, $9 for 32oz) 6.5% ABV

Currently Fermenting: 
Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (Limited bottle release in December)
American Kolsch

Upcoming Brew Schedule:

Recently Sold Out Batches:  
"CTRL-ALT-DEL" German Altbier fermented with tart cherry
"The Ruckus" IPA v.3.0 
"Glory Days" American Wheat
"The Ruckus" IPA v.2.0
"The Ruckus" IPA v.1.0
"This is a Farmhouse" Saison with brett  ($15 for 64oz growler, $8 for 32oz) 4.5% ABV

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